Salahi Watch Fake: Patek Philippe Watch Handed Over To Pay Debt Is Fake, Jeweler Says

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WASHINGTON -- A couple that crashed a White House party turned over a watch to pay a landscaping debt, but a jeweler is saying it's a fake luxury timepiece.

Tareq Salahi last week gave up his Patek Phillipe watch and his lawyer said it would be worth more than enough to pay a $2,000 debt to a landscaper.

But a Pennsylvania watch expert says it's an imitation. Ray Cosey, owner of R E Jewelers Watch & Clock in Chambersburg, Pa., examined the watch and said Thursday it might be worth $100. Cosey says the watch could probably be bought on the street for less.

The jeweler told the Washington Post that, "Right away, we could see it was an imitation." He said that, "even by the look of the watch, you could tell it wasn't real."

It turns out the watch wasn't needed. An attorney for the landscaper says a check was delivered Monday for $2,063.55 and will cover the bill.

A judge ordered the watch released.