03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tiger Woods' ESCORTS: Two Alleged Mistresses, Jamie Jungers And Holly Sampson, Are Escorts, Report Says

UPDATE: The New York Daily News reports that Braun says Tiger Woods would spend more than $60,000 on prostitutes. She also claims that Woods had a penchant for threesomes: "He was rarely with just one girl. He usually wanted more. He liked three-ways."

However, Jamie Jungers, whom Braun says worked as an escort, flatly rejected the accusation in an interview on the Today show.


TMZ reports that two of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses, Jamie Jungers and Holly Sampson, have worked as escorts. Michelle Braun, whom TMZ describes as "one of the biggest madams in the country," confirmed the allegations to the web site, and documents purportedly back up the claim. Woods is not suspected of using an escort service.

Yesterday the Huffington Post reported that Holly Sampson bears a striking resemblance to women with the same name at two Los Angeles escort web sites. Meanwhile, Jungers will appear on the Today Show Friday morning.

Women linked to Tiger Woods:

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