The Yes Men Prank Coke In Copenhagen

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


The Yes Men, merry climate pranksters, have been oddly quiet of late. Strange, since we are now deep into week one of the Copenhagen climate talks.

But the activist group broke its silence today when it commandeered the Hopenhagen Globe, that giant blue-green ball parked in City Hall Square.

"A projector lights up the globe so it appears as a twinkling model of the Earth in the December darkness," according to the official Copenhagen tourism site. The Yes Men, using their own projections, soundtrack, VJ and signature chutzpah, transformed the Hopenhagen icon into a 65-foot slam against Coca Cola.

Production of the world's favorite soft drink uses lots of water. Locating its plants in some of the more water-challenged parts of the world has put Coke in the Yes Men's crosshairs. 

The purpose of tonight's global takeover, according to the Yes Men, is "to inform people about Coke's water policy . . . and to inspire vows from ecologically and ethically minded consumers to stop buying Coke products."

We will await Coke's response.

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