03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kosher Tequila A Hanukkah Miracle

It's a Hanukkah-liquor miracle for tequila fans this year as a kosher variety of the alcohol hits the bars. Agave 99, created by the Long Island-based Star Industries company, is 49.5 percent alcohol and 100 percent kosher--and already a staple in the NYC scene:

"As a kid, [Hanukkah] was more about the presents," server Jaime Levine, 24, an actress from Astoria, Queens told the New York Daily News. "But now it's more about the story of [Hanukkah], and the tequila."

Martin Silver of Star industries explained to the New York Times in May that Agave 99 is supposed to appeal to all drinkers, Jewish or Gentile. He compared it to Manischewitz wine.

"Everyone knows Manischewitz," he said. "So many who are not Jewish are drinking Manischewitz."

He added, "If someone says it's kosher, they say it's more pure, they think it's better."

According to, other acceptable Tequila brands include Don Bernardo G (with OU), El Diamante Del Cielo (with OU), Herrudura, Salusa, Sol Dios Anejo (OU), Sol Dios Platinum / Blanco (OU), Stallion (with OU) and Tonala (with OU).

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