03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tiger Woods NAKED PICTURES? Nude Photos Taken By Jamie Jungers, Aunt Says reports that alleged mistress Jamie Jungers took naked pictures of Tiger Woods when the two saw each other. Jungers' aunt claims that the Las Vegas blonde took the pictures with her cell phone when Woods was "passed out drunk."

Susan Minor, Jungers' maternal aunt, says that her niece told the family about the affair "about four years ago," when Jungers played the golfer's voiemail and even called him while the family was listening.

Previously, Playgirl was said to be considering publishing naked photos of the golf legend, but ultimately declined because "they were impossible to 100% verify." Meanwhile, Woods' lawyers have reportedly circulated a court order barring the publication such pictures, although the letter is not an "admission that any such photographs exist." A phone sex tape has also been rumored.

Jungers has been a constant presence in the news. She reportedly worked as a stripper until two weeks before coming forward as an alleged mistress, and, after possibly moving to New York, has been pitching vodka and an auction web site.

A photograph of Jungers and Charles Barkley was recently published, and Jungers claimed she and Woods had sex the night his father died. She also appeared on "Dateline NBC" and the "Today" show, and she described her sex with the golfer as "wild" and "crazy." Click HERE for pictures of Jamie Jungers.

Women linked to Tiger Woods:

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