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Wedding Cans: Washington Couple To Pay For Wedding By Recycling (VIDEO)

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Some people ask their parents to pay for their wedding, or go into debt to pull it off. One couple in Spokane, Washington have decided to pay for their wedding by recycling aluminum cans. Andrea Parrish, 25, and Peter Geyer, 29 are trying to raise $4,000 for a modest wedding on July 31st by recycling. According to their website, environmental responsibility plays a big part in their lives. They've collected over 20,000 cans so far and have had people donate the cash equivalent of 48,000 cans.


In an era of excessive consumerism and outlandish wedding spending, we at HuffPost Green admire this couple's initiative, gumption and care for the planet. The couple notes that after they recycle the planned 5 tons of aluminum, they will have offset 5 years of their own carbon footprints as well as the emissions from the wedding itself. Bravo! To help out or find out more, go to

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--filed by Katherine Goldstein

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