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Google Phone Plagued By 3G Connectivity Problems, Users Report

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It's been less than a week since Google released its highly-anticipated Nexus One phone, and already, Google has been inundated with customers reporting problems with Google's 'iPhone killer.'

Nexus One users have had issues with the phone's ability to connect on 3G networks, and are frustrated by Google's lack of customer service, which has mostly consisted of e-mail responses to questions, not phone-based support.

Nexus One support forums have been flooded with customer questions and complaints, with comments flying in at the "astonishing rate" of "almost one a minute around midday Pacific on Friday," according to CNET.

One of the key issues has been connecting to 3G networks with the phone, Softpedia reports:

The main problems that users are reporting at the moment are either the fact that Nexus One cannot access T-Mobile's 3G network, or that it is constantly switching between 3G and EDGE. One way or the other, the connectivity issues seem to be there, and they are certainly pretty annoying, especially to those who need 3G for work. However, not all Nexus One units are plagued by the same problems, it seems, as some users report that the devices they own work like a charm.

acknowledged the Google phone's 3G connectivity problem in a post on a T-Mobile forum, noting that "Google and T-Mobile are investigating this issue and hope to have more information for you soon."

Users have also been frustrated by Google's assistance in addressing their queries.

AllThingsD writes that Google's VP of engineering Andy Rubin admits Google has to improve its support:

Rubin concedes that there is no phone support and that there is sometimes a 3-day delay in response time. "We have to get better at customer service," he says.

Have you had troubles with the 'Google phone'--or do you love it? Tell us what you think of the Nexus One in the comments below.

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