03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Who's Heading To Haiti? Rescue Workers And Aid Are En Route

HuffPost Impact has received dozens of e-mails in the last few hours from people who want to go to Haiti to help in the relief effort. The best thing for individuals to do right now is to donate to one of the organizations listed in our Haiti Relief article. Relief organizations are on their way and need our continued support to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the earthquake.

Many of you have also asked what organizations and groups are traveling to Haiti and how they're helping. We've compiled a preliminary list of those directly aiding in the relief effort on the ground:

•Fire & Rescue teams from across the U.S. are deploying to Haiti to assist in recovery efforts. A 72-member team from Los Angeles, including paramedics, search dogs and communications specialists are en route. Several teams from south Florida are also gathering in Miami and deploying to Haiti.

•Department of State spokesman Philip Crowley says the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance is sending a team to Haiti with search and rescue efforts.

•Haitian-based organization AMURT Haiti is a volunteer group that provides emergency relief and help to troubled communities. Their continuing efforts will be essential to keeping affected families healthy.

Mercy Corps is sending a team of emergency responders to assess damage, and seek to fulfill immediate needs of quake survivors.

Oxfam is rushing in teams from around the region to respond to provide clean water, shelter, sanitation and help people recover.

International Medical Corps is assembling a team of first responders and resources to provide lifesaving medical care and other emergency services to survivors of the earthquake.

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