John Calipari To John Buccigross: 'You're A Jagoff' (VIDEO)

03/27/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

John Calipari's Kentucky Wildcats became the unanimous #1 team in college basketball today, but the coach was in a frisky mood this morning on SportsCenter.

When host John Buccigross referenced the collapse of Calipari's Memphis team in the 2008 NCAA championship game, Calipari shot back: "Now why would we bring that up? That was two years ago, John."

Several seconds later Calipari added, "You must be from Western PA, John. Where are you from?" When Buccigross responded that he hails from Pittsburgh, Calipari shot back, "OK, so you're a jagoff. Basically you're a jagoff."

After the segment, Calipari downplayed the incident on Twitter. He wrote two tweets on the subject:

John Buccigross & I go back 10 yrs. We're both from Pitt. It's a term of endearment & we went back n forth using that term b4 we went on-air.

John's great @ what he does. I stunned him w/ my Pittsburghese. Come on, John. You're better than that. Watch the haters blow this up (DP).

Previously, Calipari has been called out by former coach Bob Knight as an example of a coach "where integrity is really lacking." Scroll down for video.

WATCH (via FanHouse via the Sporting Blog):

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