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Hot Beekeepers: Pick The Cutest Beekeeper (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 03/28/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 04:20 PM ET

First, we gave you the hottest organic farmers, and you sent us photos of your favorite agri-hotties. Now, we at HuffPost Green are continuing our love affair with sustainable agriculture by taking it to the next level ... with cute beekeepers, naturally.

Bees may get a bad rap because yellow jackets sting, and we'd like to change that by honoring those who recognize their vital role as pollinators and honey makers. Bees are crucial to the survival of up to a third of plant species we eat, and they've faced many problems such as colony collapse disorder. Beekeeping is more than a quirky hobby, it's a seriously important practice for the environment. In honor of that, we've compiled some of the cutest beekeepers around, most of whom practice urban beekeeping on rooftops in their respective cities, sometimes illegally. Nothing like a little naughtiness for the planet, right? So who's the cutest of them all? Vote for your favorite, and we'll invite the winner to blog about his or her hive.

Think we missed a cutie beekeeper who deserves recognition? Send in your nominations below.

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Cute Beekeepers
Find a picture, click the participate button, add a title and upload your picture
Ashley Adams English
Ashley is an author near Asheville,NC writing a book series, "Homemade Living", on small-scale homesteading and sustainable living topics. Her first two books, "Keeping Chickens" and "Canning & Preserving", will be available in print from Lark Books April 2010, followed by "Home Dairy" and "Keeping Bees" April 2011.
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