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Apple iPad Tablet RELEASED: PICTURES, REVIEWS Of New Tablet

First Posted: 03/29/10 06:12 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 04:20 PM ET

Apple Ipad Tablet

The iPad is official! Check out iPad pictures, then read early iPad reviews. Send us tips and photos at

UPDATED 2/1/2010 2:14 PM ET: The Apple iPad may ship with a webcam, writes Wired.

The Business Insider has more Apple iPad rumors, and claims a Verizon source said that Apple is working with Verizon on a version of the Apple iPad.

UPDATED 1/28/2010 12:08 PM ET: What are the iPad's features--and what is it missing? Check out 13 things you need to know about the iPad.

UPDATED 1/28/2010 8:38 AM ET: The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg has shared his first impressions of the new iPad.

He writes,

While all sorts of commentators were focusing on how much Apple�s new $499 iPad tablet computer looks like an oversized iPhone, the key to whether it can be the first multi-function tablet to win wide public acceptance probably lies in whether consumers perceive it as a suitable replacement for a laptop in key scenarios. And that, in my view, depends heavily on the software and services that flow through its handsome little body.

Mossberg describes the iPad as a hybrid between a laptop and a smartphone. Although he notes that the iPad is "more than just a giant iPod Touch or iPhone, even though it looks like one" he still wonders: "will that be enough to get consumers to shell out for it, and make it part of their daily lives?" What do you think?

He also reports that Apple's iPad partnership with AT&T elicited strong reactions from the audience attending Apple's announcement: "there were groans and boos among Mr. Jobs� otherwise excited audience when this [partnership] was announced."

UPDATED 1/27/2010 6:20 PM ET: Check out our guide (with photos!) to the coolest new iPad features.

UPDATED 1/27/2010 5:25 PM ET: The biggest criticism of the iPad so far has been its name.

The web and Twitterverse are abuzz with snide, incredulous, and critical comments--and many, many comparisons between the new Tablet and feminine hygiene products.

'iMaxipad,' 'iPeriod,' and 'iTampon' were trending topics on Twitter shortly after the iPad announcement (see screenshot below).

Fast Company observes,

But it was the females in the crowd who read more into Apple's menstrual pun. They seemed to think Apple's name was indicative of a male-helmed team oblivious to the fact that they were pushing an insensitively-named product. "Surely no women were involved in naming it the iPad" was a widely-reTweeted sentiment. Another: "iPad: Proof not enough women work in the Apple Naming Department."


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