Joe Trippi, 3 Other Consultants Sign On With Romanoff

03/31/2010 05:12 am 05:12:02 | Updated May 25, 2011

If Andrew Romanoff's Senate Campaign is dead, somebody forgot to tell the candidate. Romanoff, the former Democratic Speaker of the Colorado State House has hired former Howard Dean strategist Joe Trippi, as well as three other nationally prominent political staffers.

In addition to Trippi, the Romanoff campaign also signed veteran strategist Pat Caddell, direct mail consultant Liz Chadderdon and longtime staffer Celinda Lake.

In a press release, the Romanoff campaign trumpeted the additions as signs of his continuing competitiveness in the wake of chatter that incumbent Michael Bennet is the clear favorite to win the nomination.

"Joe and Patrick have been at the forefront of the biggest grassroots movements in recent times... We're thrilled to have them join this fight for the people of Colorado against special interests and corporate power. Their passion and strategic insight, combined with the grassroots excitement building behind Andrew, will be key ingredients to a dynamic, people-driven campaign."

Trippi is most famous for guiding Howard Dean's surprisingly successful grass-roots presidential campaign in 2004. His use of the internet in on the Dean campaign was considered revolutionary.

He also served as chief strategist for the John Edwards campaign in 2008.

Romanoff, who announced his candidacy in September, trails Bennet in fundraising. After Governor Bill Ritter announced that he wasn't running for reelection, Romanoff called a press conference to quell rumors that he would switch to run for governor.

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