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Mullen Follows Up DADT Testimony On Twitter: Repeal 'Comes Down To Integrity'

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Wow. In case Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen wasn't clear enough in his testimony that repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is the "right thing" to do, he just posted the following message to his Twitter account. (Yes. Admiral Mike Mullen has a verified Twitter account! What a world we live in!)

Earlier today, Spencer Ackerman made note of the DADT "Generation Gap" that's emerged between Representative Patrick Murphy, the Iraq War veteran who has spearheaded the Congressional effort to end DADT, and Representative Ike Skelton, the graying elder statesman who is fighting to preserve it. Mullen's strong and unequivocal support for the repeal goes a long way toward bridging that gap, and leaves people like Skelton increasingly on the margins of this debate -- which is where they belong.

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