Michelle Obama 'Today Show' Interview: FLOTUS Describes The New Date Night & How She Gets Dressed Each Day (VIDEO)

04/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

For the second part of Matt Lauer's interview with Michelle Obama, the two talked about marriage, date night, and, of course, fashion. (Watch Part One HERE.) Here's what the first lady had to say...scroll down for video.

On date nights:

"Surprisingly here [at the White House] we have more time together than we have in years because the pace of a campaign is ridiculous. He's home by 6:30....We don't get to do our date nights as much because it just causes more commotion....[but] this [motioning to the White House] is a nice spot. The chef is great....We weren't going out kind of people, we're the kind of folks who go to kids games and have friends over and watch movies. Our lives are very conducive to this because we just are sort of boring anyway. So we'll have movie night where Barack and I will go down and watch a movie, so we find a way."

See a slideshow of the Obamas' date nights HERE.

On whether her mother, Marian Robinson, is going to stay in the White House:

"She's happy...shh...don't jinx it. I think she's I'm hopeful because it does come in handy when you're doing an interview and kids are doing homework and someone can still do multiplication. Having another adult helps."

On whether she stands in front of the mirror in the morning and says "What am I going to wear and what are they going to write about it?":

"Sometimes I do," Mrs. Obama, who was wearing a Rachel Roy dress, responded. "This is another one of those efficiency things because I can't spend a lot of time thinking day-to-day....I do it with people. You have folks who are going to get your clothes ready, so I'll figure out what I'm going to wear over the course of a week or two even, so that I don't have to think about I don't think that much about the response to it. I've learned to wear what I like and to wear what's comfortable."

The first lady said she "turns off" negative comments about her clothes: "You don't want comments like that to influence who you are."


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