Will Marry For Health Insurance

04/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Terri Carlson, a 45-year-old divorced mother, was born with a genetic immune disorder. Her COBRA health insurance will run out in a year and health insurance companies have denied her coverage because of her pre-existing condition.

Out of desperation, Carlson has turned to the web to find a provider... of the marital kind. She's launched www.willmarryforhealthinsurance.com with the hopes that someone will step forward and help her fight for her health.

I am searching for "the one" with the lowest co-pays and, if you watch my YOUTUBE videos, you will see that this is my only option in order to save my life. My condition, is called C4 Complement Deficiency, its really a genetic deletion. It makes me unable to process bacteria and viruses efficiently and my body attacks itself. It's very similar to lupus... I've looked, I've searched, there is absolutely no stone that I've left unturned. And there are no other options for me. The reaction to my unique online husband/health care search, has led some people to think I am part of a left-wing conspiracy but I'm just like every other middle American that's suffering with a pre-existing condition and caught in the middle.

In a series of online videos, Carlson describes why a husband is her only option for her health care problems. Here, she describes her requirements for a potential suitor:

But though Carlson is receiving a lot of attention for her wild approach to securing a lifetime of good health insurance, there are reminders that the Web site is no joke. A sobering caption on Carlson's picture reads:

I know my site looks like a memorial and it will be unless I get health insurance, that's the point!