04/10/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama's Tuna Salad: The Recession-Friendly Recipe Redux (VIDEO)

What the world needs now is a little comfort food. And recession-friendly recipes. What lunch dish better meets both criteria than tuna salad? When we first posted Obama's very own recipe back in November 2008, it seemed to resonate with readers, so we're bringing it back today--in case you're wondering what to have for lunch.

The '60 Minutes' footage was taken early in Obama's presidential campaign, when Steve Kroft paid a visit to the Obama family home. Cameras filmed the president-to-be making lunch for his family, where Malia informed Kroft that her dad makes tuna salad and chili and "that's it." "What about my delicious cheese toast?" her father countered. "I guess, yeah," Malia conceded.

Obama goes on to talk about what he cooked as a bachelor, what is eaten in his household, and how he makes his tuna salad taste so good.

President Obama's Tuna Salad
-Grey Poupon mustard
-Chopped gherkins