Paterson Affair Scandal? New Rumors Of Buffalo Mistress As Governor Denies Resignation Reports

04/10/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Another day, another unconfirmed report of scandal brewing in the Paterson administration.

While New York Magazine quotes an unnamed source as saying that the eagerly-anticipated New York Times story will be "PG-13, not XXX," new salacious reports of yet another alleged affair bubbled up today.

WPIX reports:

A high ranking Democratic source in Albany says the latest unsubstantiated report making the rounds of the Capitol Monday is that the story involves an alleged affair between the governor and a woman in Buffalo.

Paterson himself is supposed to sit down with Times scribes tomorrow, though what the topic of the interview will be is still unclear.

A spokeswoman for Paterson has flat-out denied the rumors that the governor was set to resign, calling the allegations "absolutely false."

Aside from rumors that the "bombshell" story involves romantic affairs and maybe more illicit actions on the part of the governor, New York Magazine's source pointed at Paterson's recent involvement with the shady Aqueduct deal as a potential problem for him.

Paterson is said to have spent the weekend discussing his political future with key New York lawmakers.

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