04/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Daphne Guinness Wears Stilettos In The Snow

The snow in New York has divided fashionistas into two footwear camps: those who wear Uggs and those who continue to wear stilettos. The latter is populated mostly by Daphne Guinness. She told The Cut last night that she wears her high heels rain, snow or shine:

"You know, the last blizzard, in December, I wore these [seven-inch-high] shoes and I walked twenty blocks in them, and then I tried to walk back and it was so cold. And my best friend Robin was like, You're going to break your neck in those shoes. And I was sliding a bit, but I have a very steady walk," she told us. "Shit happens. I guess I could break my neck tomorrow."

Guinness claims that because she's used to wearing stilettos that she can't even walk in Ugg boots. But surprisingly, many well-known fashion show-goers are saying it's ok to wear the chunky camel-colored shoes in the snow.

"I think they're fine! I think the only thing that isn't fine is if your feet are wet and freezing. I mean, that's dumb. I don't get that at all," said Teen Vogue's Amy Astley. Either way, we'll be anxious to see what the front row viewers have on their feet.

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