04/14/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

David Paterson Goes On "Larry King Live" (VIDEO)

Governor Paterson sat down with Larry King last night to continue his attempts at putting recent rumors of scandal to rest.

While Paterson at first refused to discuss the accusations of affairs and wrongdoing because he had "already denied the charges in several media outlets," King kept pushing.

"Who's after you?" King asked. "Is it some sort of plot or conspiracy?"

While Paterson declined to speculate on who is "after him," he did take the media to task for not checking their sources and for not doing their jobs.

King also had a cringe-worthy moment in which he asked Paterson if his blindness has had any impact on the story.

"You think your eyesight has an effect on the way you can challenge some of this?" King asked. "The fact that you can be, not a pun intended, blind to this. In other words people have to read these headlines to you."

Paterson, appearing somewhat uncomfortable with the question, responded, "I don't think my legal blindness has anything to do with this." When pushed on the question, Paterson continued, "My disability probably causes me to look at life through a different prism."