04/20/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Motorola Backflip: AT&T Gets Its First Android Phone

The Motorola Backflip -- nicknamed the 'inside out' smartphone -- will be the first Android phone to hit AT&T's lineup.

According to Gizmodo, the phone will be available starting March 7, 2010 and will sell for $100 with a contract from AT&T.

The phone features a "reverse flip" design that allows the phone to flip backward, meaning both the screen and keyboard are always facing out. While the form of the phone is unique, its makeup also displaces the 5-megapixel camera to an unusual location at the bottom left hand corner of the keyboard.

The Backflip has similar specs to the Motorola CLIQ and runs on the Android 1.5 OS while using Motorola's MOTOBLUR user interface.

The Motorola Backflip has been met with mixed reactions.

CNET awarded it their 'Best of CES Award' for the cell phone and smartphone category.

Engadget says of the phone, "out of the gate, we're not encouraged."

PC Magazine's reviewer notes, "I'm worried that the 528-MHz processor won't stand up to the latest generation of Android phones such as the Motorola Droid, which by and large have faster processors."