Michelle Obama Dons Alexander McQueen Blouse (PHOTOS)

04/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Update 2/19: The blouse is from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2008 collection, which McQueen had dedicated to his late friend and mentor Isabella Blow.

The first lady also wore an Alexander McQueen pin-striped suit on January 28th, two weeks before the designer's suicide.

January 28, 2010:

February 18, 2010:


WASHINGTON � First lady Michelle Obama has given a pep talk to visiting students from England, saying they have shown they aren't afraid of hard work that will take them somewhere in life.

Mrs. Obama met with the group of 10 [editor's note: the pool report said 11] students at the White House on Thursday. They are from schools across the London borough of Islington and were rewarded with the trip to the U.S. for winning a Black History Month essay competition.

She urged them to make the most of this time. She called it "practice for the rest of your life."

One girl is a student at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington. Mrs. Obama spoke at the school during a visit to London last April.

From the pool report:

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted 11 school students - six girls, five boys - from schools across the London borough of Islington, in the Old Family Dining Room on Thursday morning.

The kids won an Islington Black History Month essay competition and were rewarded with the trip, sponsored by the US Embassy in London.

They sat around an oval-shaped wooden table, decorated with two glass bowls of shiny apples), nervously waiting for Flotus to arrive. Four teachers/adults sat on the side and one asked your pool to desist from asking questions, saying the kids were very excited and wanted to compose themselves.

Flotus entered at 11:03 and said "Hi everybody!" Then proceeded to go around the table and hug all the kids. How are you all doing? "Tell me about your trip. When did you get here?" she asked as she sat at the table.

She welcomed the kids and told them about the room they were in, saying the president hosted the king of Spain here the previous day. Oohs and aahs.

Flotus visited the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington in April 2009. One of the girls visiting today - Nanah Davies - is from that school and Flotus patted her on the back as she described that that visit was one of the highlights of her first year.

"We're living in a wonderful time where if you work hard... The opportunities are endless. That was true for me. Never did I realise that everything I did before would prepare me for being First Lady, but it did," she said, stressing the importance of working hard at school.

Said that you don't just wake up and be someone, says you have to work to become someone. Said her husband didn't just wake up one day as president.

"You're going to trip and fall and slip along the way - he (the president) certainly did, I slipped a little less - don't be afraid to be wrong, to get a few things wrong, but you're learning, it's all practice."

Flotus encouraged them all to help other people, act as mentors.

Curtly Meijas talked about his essay, about his grandmother who emigrated from Trinidad to the UK.

Flotus was wearing a purple and blue patterned blouse with a bow, a purple skirt and a wide black belt.

Your pool was ushered out at 11:15 as Flotus continued talking to them.

The visitors were going on a tour of the WH afterwards.

The students were:
Abdul Hakim Abdullahi
Malcolm Atrobah
Degol Tesfai
Curtly Mejias
Care Ceven
Shenece Liburd
Ann Kirabo
Layla Mohamud
Sahar Adbulrahman
Nanah Colly Davies
Boji Alexandre Weirsangera