Huckabee Whacks Critics Of Michelle Obama On His Fox Show: 'They Wanted Me To Hit Her'

04/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On Wednesday, former presidential candidate and Fox host Mike Huckabee pushed back at conservative bloggers who were "uncivil" about his recent decision to bring First Lady Michelle Obama onto his show to talk about her campaign to fight child obesity.

Huckabee's show was the first lady's debut appearance on Fox News, and there was considerable push back from viewers. "Some bloggers, it seemed, wanted me to bring her on my show only if I yelled at her. Or it seemed they wanted me to hit her," Huckabee told a crowd in Wichita, Kansas.

The Wichita Eagle reports:

[Huckabee] said he disagrees with nearly every policy position of her husband, but that attacking people doesn't accomplish anything. The viciousness of attacks from all sides, he said, are "disgusting ... the anger and the meanness."

Mediaite reports that Michelle Obama's appearance on Huckabee gave the show its lowest ratings of 2010.