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Colbert Inspires Speedskating Team To Victory (VIDEO)

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One of the more awesome story lines of the Winter Olympics has clearly been the involvement of Stephen Colbert, who has sponsored and acted as the "Assistant Sports Psychologist" for the the nation's speedskating team.

Many were skeptical of his involvement (the team included), but judging by the medals Shani Davis has won, we don't think there's anyone doubting that Colbert was integral to their success. You want proof? Check out this inspirational speech Colbert gives the team. Not only does he know how to push them emotionally and psychologically, but he's got some interesting tidbits, like go faster than the other guy. Colbert will do anything it takes to see his team win, even if that means resorting to performance enhancing markers.

Shani Davis knows it. And his gratitude to Colbert put Al Michaels in his place.