Israel Makes Videos Mocking Foreign Journalists (VIDEO)

05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Israeli government website has shown adverts that depict foreign journalists as stupid and condescending, reportedly as part of an initiative to improve Israel's foreign image.

The satirical videos were shown at - a website that is the work of Israel's Ministry of Hasbara, a Hebrew word meaning explanation or publicity.

Notably, the websites do not address the issue many Israelis have with the foreign media - its perceived pro-Palestinian slant. Instead they focus on less political issues.

In one video, a British journalist introduces a camel as a "typical Israeli animal, used by the Israelis to travel from place to place in the desert where they live".

Another shows a French TV anchorwoman with breaking news of "the sounds of war" in Israel - which turn out to be celebratory fireworks.

The final video shows a Spanish TV journalist telling viewers that Israel has no gas or electricity, before sampling a kebab. "Mmm. Primitive but delicious," she says.

At the end of each video a voice over intones "Are you fed up with how we are being presented in the world?"

Some foreign journalists were offended by the videos. "We see this as a very worrisome development from the point of view of the Israeli authorities, which is not in the interest of the state of Israel and definitely not in the interest of the foreign journalists in Israel," said Conny Mus, chairman of the Jerusalem-based Foreign Press Association (FPA).

Foreign journalists were "already facing an unfriendly working atmosphere which does not fit with a democratic state," added Mus.

Curiously, following coverage of the videos by foreign news organizations, the website no longer appears to show the videos. However, some have made their way to YouTube.

Click here for video depicting the French TV studio.

WATCH the British video below

WATCH the Spanish video below