Joe Biden Still Does His Shopping, Grooming In Delaware

05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama recently said that she checks in with friends once in a while, asking "Do you still recognize me? Do I still feel like Michelle?" but Vice President Joe Biden apparently doesn't have to check in with anyone. Over a year after taking office, Biden has kept his old Delaware habits, delawareonline reports, still getting his haircuts and shirts in Greenville.

"We always talk about old times," said Rich Bianco who works at The Men's Room barber shop. "He said he keeps coming here because we have too much on him."

Biden still rides the train and once told the Secret Service, "Guys, I'm taking the train, you can either ride with me or not ride with me." But he does go home less now, after the passing of his mom.

So has the VP changed at all? Not really, if you ask Jay Steimle, manager of the JoS. A. Bank clothing store in Greenville.

"He hasn't really changed, it's just the entourage is with him," Steimle said.


Joe Biden
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