05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jules Kirby Mad At "High Society" Portrayal, Skips Party

UPDATE: Julia Louis-Dreyfus' camp says Julia and Jules are not related. According to another person on "High Society," Jules also faked cancer once.


Jules Kirby, a "socialite" who costars on the upcoming CW reality show "High Society," is angry with her portrayal on the show.

In one of the trailers, the first seen below, Kirby is seen saying, "I use the N-word sometimes." That line is not taken out of context. In the first episode of the show she ALSO says she isn't friends with many black, Jewish or gay people.

According to Monday's Page Six, Kirby skipped last week's launch party for the show.

"She's particularly annoyed that she admits in the trailer to occasionally using the 'N' word, " our source says. Kirby didn't respond to a request for comment. CW suits Justin Rosenblatt and Kristen Vadas told us, "She's tough to pin down. We're disappointed she didn't show because she's unforgettable."

According to a weekend article about the show:

She's the daughter of Manhattan power lawyer Roger Kirby and former French model/ballet dancer Irene Kirby, who is descended from the billionaire banking Dreyfus family (actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a cousin). Jules was arrested last July in the Hamptons after allegedly ripping down a large American flag off a mansion on Main Street.