05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

LMFAO Song Inspired By Mitt Romney's Airplane Fight With Redfoo & Sky Blue

A recent airline altercation with Mitt Romney has inspired a new track for electro-rappers Red Foo and Sky Blu (better known as LMFAO).

The song, called "We Came To Party (The Vulcan Grip Mix)," will be the first single from the group's sophomore LP, 'Don't Judge Me, set to be released this summer.

Redfoo rapped the lyrics to MTV News:

"They call you suit and tie and you'se a politician

They call me Superfly, I always got two bitches

You go to church and tithe, I really ain't religious

You're on P's and Q's, I sip that Jesus juice

Everybody wants to feel good, from up in Capitol Hill to the 'hood.

"We're gonna use this incident to actually bring the world closer together," he said.

Sky Blu claims that Mitt Romney reached forward and grabbed him when he tried to lean his seat back on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. Romney's wife reportedly screamed before the flight returned to the gate, and Romney was whisked off the plane and detained before being allowed to buy a ticket for another flight.