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Jimmy Fallon Mocks Robert Pattinson With Help From...Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon had Robert Pattinson on his show last night--a man the "Late Night" host has been skewering for months.

Back in July, Fallon did a sketch on his show in which he played both Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson, engaging in a YouTube fight over who had the better movie franchise.

Fallon (or his audience) liked the Pattinson character so much that he kept doing it on a regular basis and even created a Website devoted to the impression.

Every couple of weeks, Fallon climbs a tree (with his hair in a wild state) and complains that he's "bothered" by things like Shark Week and Snickers, all because they take attention away from him, Robert Pattinson.

Well the young heartthrob joined in the fun last night, climbing the tree himself and admitting he too was bothered.