05/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rod Blagojevich To Read 'Top 10' List On David Letterman's 'Late Show'

Rod Blagojevich is returning to the "Late Show With David Letterman" Wednesday where this time instead of being the "Top 10" list, he will read it.

CBS announced Tuesday that Blagojevich would appear on Wednesday night's show, where he is likely looking to attract some attention to his Sunday appearance on NBC's "The Celebrity Apprentice," Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rosenthal reports.

Blago will appear Wednesday along with Jessica Simpson and Chicago punk band Alkaline Trio.

Less than a week after being impeached in February of last year, he was booked to appear on Letterman's show, where the host poked fun at him.

"I've been wanting to be on your show in the worst way for the longest time," Blagojevich told Letterman. "Well, you're on in the worst way, believe me," Letterman replied.

Letterman also did a Top 10 list of "Ways Rod Blagojevich Can Improve His Image" before his 2009 appearance, Rosenthal recalled:

10. Star in new television series, "America's Funniest Haircuts."

9. Quit politics and become a fat, lovable mall cop.

8. Start pronouncing last name with Jerry Lewis-like "BLAGOOOOYYYYYJEVICH."

7. Offer a senate seat with no money down, zero percent interest.

6. Team up with John Malkovich and Erin Brockovich for hot Malkovich-Brockovich-Blagojevich sex tape.

5. Change his name to Barod Obamavich.

4. Safely land an Airbus on the Hudson River.

3. I don't know ... how about showing up for his impeachment trial?

2. Wear sexy dresses, high heels and say, "You Betcha!"

1. Uhhh ... resign?

Blagojevich is scheduled to go to trial on corruption charges in June.

Watch Blago's 2009 Letterman appearance here: