Jon Pedley, British Millionaire, To Sell Company, Help Ugandan Orphans

05/11/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

After waking up from a six week long coma in 2002 following a drunk driving accident, British millionaire Jon Pedley had a new lease on life.

"I've lived an incredibly selfish existence," Pedley, of Finchingfield, Essex, was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. "I've been convicted of crime, slept rough, been an alcoholic, had affairs, and damaged people's lives including my own. I've always put the pursuit of money in front of everything else."

Determined to turn his life around, Pedley is selling his telecommunications company and his mansion to raise money to support Ugandan orphans -- in fact, he plans on moving to Uganda himself to run a nonprofit. The organization Pedley founded, Uganda Vision, aims to bring at-risk teens from the U.K. to help care for the orphans, in hopes the experience will also turn life around for troubled youth as well the Ugandan children that benefit from the program. After surviving his near-death experience, Pedley credits finding God as the reason for his new-found desire to give back.

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