05/17/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Jerseylicious' To Teach The Masses About Real New Jersey Fashion

Watch out JWoww: there's some new fashionistas in town. The Style network is set to premiere its new series "Jerseylicious" on Sunday night, and with it, an onslaught of Garden State style.

The star of the show Olivia Blois Sharpe explained to the New York Daily News, "Real Jersey girls are a lot more fashion-forward. [On 'Jersey Shore,] those girls were in their sweatpants all the time, their hair wasn't done, their makeup wasn't done. We're a lot more flashy."

But there are some similarities between Sharpe and Snookie:

"I get depressed if I don't tan," Sharpe revealed. "If I'm in a bad mood, laying in a tanning bed makes me feel better."