05/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

People Taking Their Phones, TV Remotes To The Grave

According to Obit Magazine, caskets are getting crowded.

The magazine on 'life, death, and transition' reports that more and more people are choosing to be buried with their technological gadgets.

Noelle Berman from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles says that cellphones, Blackberrys, and Wii consoles are what people are currently taking to their graves.

"Out here, everyone gets buried with their cell phone,'' Berman explains.

In Philadelphia, funeral director Bill O'Leary tells Obit that TV remotes are the item of choice people request to take into their caskets when they die.

A $381,000 golden coffin on display at a luxury fair included not only plush velvet, but a fully-functional, touchscreen cell phone.

Recently, a family held a 'geek funeral' honoring their dearly departed's love for computer and Star Trek:
As we wrote here, 'A Slashdot reader laid to rest his brother's remains inside a SPARCstation computer -- "a cool place to spend eternity," his brother explained, "after we've left for that great data bank in the sky." Loved ones were invited to leave their "final good-byes" on Post-it notes affixed to the SPARCstation, which had on it a plaque engraved with, "Beam Me Up, Scotty. I'm done here."'