05/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Justice Department: We've Successfully Prosecuted Hundreds Of Terrorists

The Justice Department launched an aggressive pushback Friday against mounting Republican criticism that the Obama administration's effort to try more terror suspects in civilian courts is both ineffective and a serious threat to national security.

In a comprehensive new report released Friday, and posted by several news outlets including the Plum Line blog, the Justice Department details some 400 terrorist suspects who have been tried and convicted in civilian courts.

Furthermore, according to the Justice Department's filing notes, this total "does not include defendants whose convictions remain under seal, nor does it include defendants who have been charged with a terrorism or terrorism-related offense but have not been convicted either at trial or by guilty plea."

This report comes in the face of increasing Republican allegations, including by former Bush officials, that prior Justice Department evidence of the effectiveness of civilian trials was either misstated or non-existent.

To this point, military tribunals have only resulted in the successful convictions of three terror suspects, two of whom have since been released.

Read the Justice Department document: