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This Week In Pictures: Health Reform, CPS Clout

First Posted: 05/26/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:00 PM ET

It was a historic week in national news, with President Obama's signature health care legislation passing Congress. Chicago had a hand in that, with a few last-minute converts giving the bill the slim margin it needed to pass.

We also saw major legislation pass on the state level, with Speaker Madigan pushing a pension reform bill through the House and Senate in under 12 hours. All that, plus a new voucher plan for struggling schools, a clout list at CPS, and a man with 1,600 knives... what a week!

Look through the biggest stories of the week that was, and vote on the ones you think are most important.

Illinois Congressmen Follow Party Line (Mostly) In Historic Health Care Vote
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The historic health care reform bill passed the House on Sunday, and was signed by President Obama this week. A number of Chicago-area Democrats considered voting against it: Bobby Rush was worried about its limited prescription drug coverage; Luis Gutierrez was worried about its treatment of immigrants; Melissa Bean was probably worried about crazy protesters.

But all three ultimately voted for the bill. Dan Lipinski, another Chicagoland Dem, was the only Illinois rep to break party lines, voting "no."
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