Fact-Checking New York News With NewsTrust

05/30/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last July, the Huffington Post teamed up with Newstrust, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization devoted towards rating news quality, in order to test the quality of reporting in Pakistan. The Pakistan NewsHunt engaged readers and professional journalists alike in finding the best news outlets for quality journalism.

Today, the NewsHunt comes to New York. In partnership with HuffPost New York and City Limits, Newstrust is looking deeply into local coverage on the financial crisis. Everyone can help by first signing up on NewsTrust's website.

Everyone can help, and getting involved in the NewsHunt is easy and fun -- and you can contribute your expertise in just minutes, by reviewing stories on NewsHunt's New York City page. As you review these stories, you will learn more about important local issues, and you will become more aware of the quality of the news you consume. Based on the collective ratings Newstrust will blog about the results on Wednesday, April 7th as well as feature the best (and the worst) local news coverage.

It's worth noting that each day holds a different focus. Here's a day-by-day schedule for the week:

  • Monday: Major Dailies/Wires
  • Tuesday: Magazines/Independents
  • Wednesday: TV/Radio
  • Thursday: Online/Blogs
  • Friday: Hyperlocal/Boroughs
  • Saturday: Bad Journalism

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