05/30/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Erik Brown: Credit Wonkette For Correctly Calling Him Out As The Voyeur Nightclub Fall Guy

Now that Allison Meyers, director of the Republican National Committee's "Young Eagles" program, has been properly identified as the person who approved the reimbursement of expenses incurred at West Hollywood's Voyeur nightclub, credit should go to Wonkette's Ken Layne, who was way out in front on this story.

Yesterday, when it looked like Erik Brown -- a GOP donor from Orange County, California -- was going to take the fall for the mini-scandal, Layne reached out to former L.A. Citybeat editor Rebecca Schoenkopf, who offered up a pretty convincing vouch for Brown:

I know Erik Brown really well; we used to do a radio show together. He is the most uptight, constipated conservative Christian ever, and while that may sound like a perfect candidate for the topless lesbian thing, there is simply NO FUCKING WAY it was he. That kind of shit would make him cry for his mommy. He is clearly, CLEARLY the fall guy on this.

Well, OK: that might not be the most charitably-worded testimonial, but Schoenkopf turns out to have been right. Via Reid Wilson at Hotline On Call, here's the extent of Brown's involvement:

Allison Meyers, director of the RNC's "Young Eagles" program, was terminated yesterday after reports that the RNC reimbursed a donor for a nearly $2K expense at the Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood.

A CA GOP consultant, Erik Brown, was reimbursed for the expense after a Young Eagles event in Beverly Hills. A CA blog reported that an RNC staffer's credit card was declined at the club, so Brown grudgingly put the expense on his own card.

So, the RNC needs to think about paying off its credit card bills with the alacrity it normally reserve for identifying patsies.

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