Boulder Peeps Trial Gets The Colbert Treatment Again (VIDEO)

06/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to cover the war on Peeps. Earlier this week, Boulder, Colorado resident Carol "Shay" Burdick found out her lawsuit against her former landlord, AIMCO would be delayed. Burdick says she was wrongfully evicted from her apartment last spring after refusing to remove a pyramid of Peeps from her door. In her hardship, however ,she gained a champion in Colbert, who profiled Burdick's struggle in a segment 6 months ago.

The news on the delayed trial prompted Colbert to run the segment again, this time featuring an interview with Burdick's lawyer John Pineau. We won't spoil the segment by giving away Pineau's answer to Colbert's hard-hitting quesion: "How many Peeps are stuck to your naked body right now?" WATCH:

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