David Letterman On Chicago Public Radio? Not So Fast

06/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A man who does a mean David Letterman impression opened WBEZ's Chicago news program "Eight Forty Eight" Thursday morning, pretending that the New York late night host was moving to Chicago and hosting a public radio show titled "Middays with David Letterman."

"I'm your host David Letterman and this is "Middays with David Letterman," the voice announced at 9 a.m. He went on to explain that he grew up in Indiana:

"My most fond memory of Indiana, of course, was looking at it in the rear-view mirror."

The faux Letterman (who sounded exactly like the real Letterman) went on to explain why he was leaving New York to join Chicago Public Radio: "People say public radio can be a little snoozy, so we're trying to liven it up a little bit."

To start things off? What other than a Top Ten List.

"The Top Ten Reasons I'm Moving To Chicago To Host A Show On Public Radio"

10. You can still vote as many times as you like.

9. Pat Quinn didn't pick me as his lieutenant governor, so I went with my next choice of boring jobs where I can line my pockets--hosting a program on public radio.

8. I love them Lincoln Park Trixies.

7. Bribes! Bribes! Bribes!

6. I hear the interns here are hot.

5. I'm tired of living in a city with a winning baseball team.

4. With that weasel Jay Leno back at the "Tonight Show," I gotta keep my options open.

3. To paraphrase your former governor: This city's bleepin' golden.

2. This town ain't big enough for two talk show hosts, Oprah's out, I'm in!

1. It's April Fools!

The faux Letterman was none other than local impressionist Dave Van Dam, who will play the talk show host yet again on "American Dad" April 11. As for "Middays With David Letterman"? Public radio fans will be happy to know that "Eight Forty Eight" isn't going anywhere--and Letterman is staying in New York.

Listen to the segment here.

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