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Celebrities And Their Animal Look-Alikes (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 06/07/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:00 PM ET

There's an urban legend that everyone on earth has a twin who looks nearly identical to them. First of all, that is a stupid theory. Second of all, the real theory is that everyone on earth most likely has an animal doppelganger. Especially celebrities. They just can't help but resembling walruses, birds... and more walruses.

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  • Larry David - Eagle

    Clip Your Enthusiasm. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Mark Wahlberg - Pigeon

    Pretty sure this pigeon played Mark Wahlberg's bulge in "Boogie Nights." (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Jamie Hyneman – Walrus

    Man, those teeth are BUSTED! (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Miley Cyrus - Beaver

    Dam, girl. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Taylor Lautner - Alpaca

    Taylor Lautner always takes his shirt off, probably because Alpaca fur is really itchy. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Meryl Streep - Afghan Hound

    Guess which one played Julia Child. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Larry King - Monkey

    This would be a good interview. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter - Lion

    Dog tackled this Lion after it unlawfully killed a Gazelle. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Michael Emerson - Galagos

    On the "Lost" finale it's revealed that Emerson's evil Galagos twin is the cause of why they're on the island. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • John Travolta - This Dog

    This dog also served as a stunt double in "Face/Off" (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Liza Minnelli - Ostrich

    The Ostrich version "Cabaret" is underrated. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Dr. Phil - Walrus

    Looks like someone's show wouldn't miss a beat if they needed a guest host...and that someone is the walrus. (<a href="">source</a>)

  • Samuel L. Jackson - Samuel L. Dogson


  • Darth Maul - Calico Lobster

    The force is strong with this one.