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Leslie and Al Anderson Raise Thousands For Food Bank By Sorting Recyclables

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For the last four years, Canadian couple Al and Leslie Anderson have dedicated countless hours to raising money for a local food bank. Westerly News reports, the Andersons sort recyclables, which they redeem for cash to sponsor the food bank.

"It's a great thing because the community donates their stuff and some campgrounds donate too, which we're grateful for because it's money for the food bank," Leslie [Anderson] said.

With tons of donated recyclables, the Andersons spend their spare time patiently dividing the goods into the appropriate categories. In the summer, when nearby campgrounds are bustling, the couple can sort and redeem about C$1,000 worth of recyclables. Leslie Anderson estimates she spends about 15 hours each week during the summer sorting bottles, cans and other items. The hectic summer months are balanced out by slow winters, where few recyclables are dropped off for the couple to sort. All told, each year, the Andersons raise about C$10,000 to fight hunger in their community by supplying the Food Bank on the Edge.