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Palin, Bachmann On Hannity: Palin Blasts Obama Nuclear Strategy, Defends Michael Steele, Talks 2012 Election (VIDEO)

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Sarah Palin joined a campaign rally for Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in Minneapolis on Wednesday. As reported earlier in the Huffington Post:

Palin called Bachmann a "fireball" with a "stiff spine" in a speech that was as much about helping the fiercely conservative Minnesota congresswoman win re-election as it was about chastising the Obama administration.

Palin criticized President Obama and politicians in Washington for the growth in the size of government and, as she put it, becoming addicted to "O.P.M. -- other people's money."

Bachmann got in on Obama bashing too, saying that in past 18 months we've seen "nothing less than an economic coup transpire before our eyes."

Then the pair took the national stage on Fox News with host Sean Hannity.

The lengthy televised conversation touched on a number of familiar themes, but three stood out: Palin attacking Obama's nuclear strategy, Palin defending embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and Palin remaining noncommittal about the 2012 presidential election.

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