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Creative Resumes: 15 Gorgeous, Tech-Savvy CV Ideas (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 06/09/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:05 PM ET

With unemployment in the United States hovering around 10%, hunting for jobs can be a daunting endeavor.

Competition can be cutthroat, and job seekers have been using all kinds of unusual strategies to gain an edge in their searches, from donning sandwich boards advertising their skills to passing out resumes on street corners.

While some applicants have used these unorthodox strategies to secure a coveted position, others have used creative brute force, wielding new technology, unusual online outlets, and brand-new content creation tools to set themselves apart.

We've compiled some of the most creative resumes on the Web, which combine novel tech tools and innovation to show off savvy, skill, and originality. From the artistically masterful to the hilariously unique, these are some CVs that shouldn't be missed.

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Creative Resumes
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Flash-Animated Online Resume
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Alexis Trépanier, an interactive artist from Montreal, Quebec, created a Flash-based animated résumé. Alexis introduces the visitor to his résumé by giving an "interview" while his accomplishments appear in a halo around him. As he speaks, his hair and beard become shorter and shorter. At the end of the "interview," he sneezes and his hair instantly grows back. Experience the quirky creativity here.
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