Tom Watson Jabs Obama At Awards Dinner

06/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tom Watson had a great first round at the Masters yesterday. The 60-year-old golfer, whose stunning run at the 2009 British Open fell just short of a victory, finished Thursday tied for first with a five-under-par performance. He is the oldest player competing in the Tournament this year.

SportsByBrooks notes that just one night earlier, Watson took a shot at President Obama. As Golf Digest reported, Watson dropped the insult while accepting an award at the Golf Writers Association of America's awards dinner:

Conservative Tom Watson, who shared the Ben Hogan comeback-from-injury award with Ken Green, began by saying, "I feel like President Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. He actually said, 'I'm undeserving of this award.' And I believed him." (applause). We'll I am undeserving too compared to what my fellow golfer Ken Green went through."

Watson is hardly the only conservative to be chagrined by Obama's Nobel Prize. He may be the only one, however, whose son got engaged at Augusta National last weekend.