Jason Hansen's Story: Firefighters Help Paralyzed Man Be Self-Sufficient

06/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Each night, Jason Hansen spends four tedious hours showering and dressing for his night shift at a Phoenix Walmart. Because the left side of Hansen's body is paralyzed, getting ready for work is a tiring ordeal. When he falls and is unable to get back into his wheelchair, Hansen calls the local fire department for help. After he is finally ready for work, Hansen must journey the dangerous one mile trip to the store on his wheelchair.

If Hansen were to quit his job, he would be able to qualify for government assistance because of his disability, but this courageous man is determined to be self-sufficient.

CBS news affiliate KPHO reports, the firefighters at Phoenix Fire Station 11 were so moved by Hansen's dedication to his job, despite his disability, that they've gone above the call of duty to help. The firemen installed handrails and a non-slip mat in his shower, to help prevent Hansen from falling.

The firefighters also arranged a $500 donation from their firefighter fund to help Hansen repair his broken wheelchair, which the local news station KPHO matched with an additional $500. But before Hansen would use the money to get his wheelchair fixed, Phoenix company Southwest Mobility heard about his story and offered to do the repair for free.

Hansen is now using part of the $1,000 he was gifted to help a friend who is struggling to pay their bills.

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