06/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Keith Olbermann Sticks Tongue Out At Fox Van (PHOTO)

Keith Olbermann is getting the hang of Twitter.

In his first weekend using the service, Olbermann has mastered the "@-reply," as it's known, and used it to completely engage with Twitter users. He's also grown fond of the Twitter photo.

One such example is below, in which he sticks his tongue out at the local Fox affiliate news truck in the background.

"Venturing out for tea. Expression owes to vehicle on your right," he wrote.

"Following up: yes, that's the local Fox not FNC. I interned there 900 years ago. Nearest available prop," he quickly followed up. "More Followup: Glasses are by Mr Free of Cheap St. Uni is '98Todd Van Poppel, which is actually much funnier than the Fox van," he added, referring to his PIttsburgh Pirates uniform top.

Of course, having Olbermann on Twitter is catnip for conservatives. One self-described libertarian named Doug Mataconis responded to Olbermann's tweet of the Fox affiliate truck saying, "Dumbass Keith that's the news van for the local news station, not Fox News Channel."

Olbermann's response?

"Dumbass Doug: I tweeted that two minutes before you bitched. Be seeing you."

Also of note: Olbermann told one Twitter user that Jay Leno called him after his father died.

"He phoned me, at home. Talked to my sister, whom he did not know. Very solid human," Olbermann wrote of Leno.