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Michael Pollan On Jonathan Safran Foer, Food Trucks, Nose-To-Tail, Salt, Sugar, His Last Three Meals, And More In Exclusive Interview (PHOTOS)

  First Posted: 06/11/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:05 PM ET

We chatted extensively with Michael Pollan the other day, covering:

  • Criticism from Jonathan Safran Foer -- and others -- for not being anti-meat enough, and not "grappling" with meat
  • The animal-rights community
  • How middle- and low-income meat eaters can stop eating feedlot meat
  • Nose-to-tail eating and "rock star" butchers
  • Food trucks, street food, and redefining our "fast-food" eating culture
  • His last three meals
  • Salt, high-fructose corn syrup, food marketing, and health claims
  • Grilling season, men re-entering the kitchen, and the feminist revolution's affect on cooking
  • Oprah, and tangling with the food industry

And much, much more. Accompanied by prints and photographs from the Library of Congress, here are the highlights:

On criticism of himself and Food Inc. for not being anti-meat enough
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"Nobody is anti-meat enough for the animal-rights purists, except for someone who says that eating meat is morally indefensible.  So there's certain people that are never going to be satisfied by any message short of 'Don't Eat Meat,' and that's not my message."
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Read the full transcript of the interview, with special thanks to Jennifer O'Reilly, here.

Photographs and prints from the Library of Congress

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