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Chicago Bar Association Tells Lady Lawyers What Not To Wear

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Being a lawyer is hard work--or so we've heard--and it can be made even more difficult by the fashion police. Thankfully, the Chicago Bar Association held a What Not To Wear fashion show last week so future attorneys-at-law can also be attorneys-at-chic. Above the Law has the details but here are some key takeaways:

  • Ditch your Express ensembles: "Maybe you bought your suit at Express or somewhere... and you bent over to get a Danish and I can see your tramp stamp."
  • Microsuede is never okay.
  • If you're wearing a skirt, you have to wear tights or pantyhose. Get over it.
  • Make sure your suit is not too fitted, wear flats, wear minimal jewelry, wear minimal makeup, do not wear hair in a pony-tail, do not wear hair down in a distracting way, wear pantyhose, do not wear open-toe shoes, do not wear peep-toe shoes, and do not wear dark nail polish.
  • Do not wear your engagement ring if it is large because it may anger your women interviewers and cause jealousy (and perhaps rage).
  • Never wear boots, never show your arms, NEVER wear pink.

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