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Sounds Of The Sea (VIDEOS, PHOTO): The Language Of Marine Life

First Posted: 06/15/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:05 PM ET

As part of our celebration of Our Oceans, we're exploring the ways in which marine life communicates. From the Weddell seal's glitchy, UFO-like drone to the killer whale's squeaks, the ways are wide and varied, but are all music to our ears. Have a listen, and vote for your favorite animal sound!

Weddell Seals
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Weddell seals live in and around the ice of the Antarctic continent. They are very vocal animals, communicating with sounds that can be heard by humans above the ice. Males have a wider range of calls, which are heard more during the mating season. This clip of Weddell seals in Antartica, from the movie "Encounters at the End of the World,"" by Werner Herzog, is unreal. The seals sound like they're either UFOs, or making electronic music. Their sounds kick in at the 0:35 second mark.
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