John McCain: U.S. Lacks A 'Coherent' Iran Policy

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WASHINGTON (AP/Huffington Post) -- Sen. John McCain says he didn't need to hear about a secret memorandum from the Pentagon to know the U.S. doesn't have an effective policy for dealing with Iran's nuclear program.

McCain called for serious and meaningful sanctions against Iran. The Arizona Republican spoke on "Fox News Sunday."

"I didn't need a secret memo to know we didn't have a coherent policy," McCain told Fox News's Chris Wallace. "That's pretty obvious."

The New York Times reports
that Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote a classified memo in January warning about the lack of a long-term plan for handling Iran's atomic ambitions.

The newspaper says that Gates' memo spurred the Obama administration to come up with new options, including using the military. Administration officials say the memo did not cause a reconsideration of their approach.

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