06/20/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'703': How Nancy Makin Lost 530 Pounds (VIDEO)

Nancy Makin was morbidly obese by her 20's -- at the height of her weight, she was 703 pounds. Seven years ago, however, her lifestyle started to change, and she lost "over a quarter ton." In her new book, "703: How I Lost Over a Quarter Ton," Makin chronicles her weight loss and her healing process. On "Good Morning America" today, she explained that her weight loss was in a large part due to the increased confidence that she got from being able to socialize over the Internet.

Makin showed off a skirt that she used to wear, which now dwarfs her, and marveled over her change: "All I do know is I've healed something within, and I've had this off for seven years."

[Full disclosure: The HuffPost Books editor, Amy Hertz, is the editor of "703." She didn't want to post this, but Jessie thought readers wouldn't want to miss the segment.]


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